About Us

Howard’s Hardware Hank and Rental has been a family run hardware store in Arcadia Wisconsin since 1955. Moving from Northern Wisconsin Ed (a former Ag teacher) and Lucille started the small Gambles Hardware Store in downtown Arcadia in the current Detox building. The store was then moved to the Meausers Building.

In 1976 Dale and Christine Howard moved back from Minneapolis and converted the store to Hardware Hank, changing the mix of product offered to fit the needs of the community.

In 1983, Dale and Christine moved the business up to Hwy 93 in the now Ashley Outlet store and then another move in 1986 when they purchased the building at the end of the block. In another sign of growth of the community as a whole, Dale and Christine further increased the size of their building when they added on another 4,000 square feet on the building south side. In 2011, Seth and Jennifer moved back to the area from Chicago and have since taken on several changes including a major remodel and small addition in 2018.

Whether for residential, farming or industrial needs Howard’s Hardware Hank & Rental prides itself in serving the needs of its community and being friendly and knowledgeable. Come see us soon – let us help you find what you need!